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Rose Castle | 30ml

Rose Castle | 30ml

SKU: 8904452208620

Step into the enchanting world of Rose Castle, a fragrance that celebrates the timeless elegance of a single note - the rose.

This singular focus allows the rich and multifaceted character of the rose to unfold in all its glory, from the soft blush of dawn to the deep velvet of dusk.

Each spray is a journey to a blooming rose garden, where petals glisten with dew and the air is filled with the promise of endless beauty.

Rose Castle is not just a scent; it's an homage to purity, a testament to the sophistication simplicity can hold.

It's designed for those who find beauty in the everyday, who seek to capture the essence of nature's most revered flower.

With Rose Castle, the rose is not just seen but felt, wrapping you in its tender embrace and leaving a trail of gentle elegance.

Let Rose Castle be your signature, an expression of love, grace, and the eternal allure of the rose.

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