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Tropical Flower

Our Story

Two botany graduates, Sudhanva and Sagar, decided to follow their passion for creating unique fragrances. With Sudhanva's Masters in Economics and Sagar's PhD in Organic Farming, they had the perfect blend of knowledge and expertise to create something truly special.

They founded JK Perfumes, a company based in Pune, India, that is dedicated to delivering high-quality fragrances to customers across the country. Despite being bootstrapped, the company has thrived under the guidance of Meena, the founders' mother, who provides valuable support and guidance.

Meena's wisdom and experience have been instrumental in the success of JK Perfumes. As a proud mother, she has watched her sons turn their passion into a thriving business, and she is thrilled to be a part of their journey.

JK Perfumes' collection is a testament to the founders' creativity and expertise. Each fragrance is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients, resulting in a unique and unforgettable scent. Whether you're looking for a fresh and invigorating fragrance or something warm and comforting, JK Perfumes has something for everyone.

At JK Perfumes, the founders' love for botany and fragrances is evident in every bottle. They are committed to creating high-quality products that bring joy and happiness to their customers.

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