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Shadow | 30ml

Shadow | 30ml

SKU: 8904452208569

Shadow, a fragrance that begins with a burst of citrus - yuzu, lemon, bergamot, and mandarin orange, mixed with the fresh scents of lemon verbena, cypress, calone, coriander, tarragon, and sage.

This vibrant opening paves the way for a complex heart of blue lotus, nutmeg, lily-of-the-valley, bourbon geranium, saffron, Ceylon cinnamon, and mignonette, weaving a tapestry of spicy and floral notes.

As Shadow settles, a deep base of Tahitian vetiver, musk, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and tobacco anchors the fragrance, providing a rich, earthy foundation that lingers.

Shadow is a journey through contrasts, where light meets dark, and the spirit of adventure is alive.

It's a scent for those who walk the line between the seen and unseen, making a statement that's impossible to ignore.

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