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Aura | 30ml

Aura | 30ml

SKU: 8904452208668

Dive into the essence of allure with Aura, a fragrance that captures the spirit of sophistication and mystery.

Beginning with a fresh burst of Calabrian bergamot and a hint of pepper, Aura instantly enchants the senses.

The journey continues as it unveils a heart of rich contrasts, where the spicy warmth of Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, and the cool, subtle elegance of lavender intertwine.

Vetiver and patchouli add depth and earthiness, balanced by the floral touch of geranium and the unique lemony undertones of elemi.

As Aura settles, a refined base emerges, grounded in the musky allure of Ambroxan, complemented by the woody strength of cedar and the complex richness of labdanum. This captivating blend creates a long-lasting fragrance that evolves with you throughout the day.

Aura is more than a scent; it's an expression of your unique presence and the mysterious forces that define it. Perfect for any occasion, Aura is designed to accompany you whether in moments of introspection or times of joyous gatherings. Embrace Aura, and let your presence be felt.

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